N & C Value


The company strongly believes in ethical practices, such as honesty, integrity and transparency in the interest of our principals & customers.

We make a difference by holding ourselves accountable and delivering on what we promise.

We strive to meet the highest standard of quality by our commitment to customers satisfaction and improvements through innovation

Noor and company believes in maximum performance and good governance as
being a part of its culture.

We believe in empowering our employees and provided good facilities to our staff with training & latest technology.         

We have complete system enabling us to manage Principal-wise Reports. Pricing Manuals and Discount Policies, Automated Invoicing and Recovery Management, Bonus, Expiry Alerts, Inventory and Purchase Management, Multiple Warehouse Support, Order Processing and Delivery, and Sales Analysis and Reporting.
With this one-stop solution, NOOR AND COMPANY has been able to obtain results that are accurate and timely. This has also resulted in more informed decision making.